Digital Art

Digital Painting of Taylor Swift done in PhotoShop.

Memorial poster I made for Japan after the devastating earthquake struck in early 2011.

Another quick graphical design done in Photoshop with some custom brushes (not my own)

Sunset scene done in Photoshop with nature/tree brushes

Quick design with some of the new brushes I found in Photoshop.

Some avatar graphics I made for a text-based game. (I used Adobe Illustrator)

Picture of the UV layout for the "Kick-Ass" model and texture.

Texture for a 3D model of "Kick-Ass" I made in PhotoShop.

Pattern project created in Photoshop

2nd pattern project made in PhotoShop

Material renders done in Photoshop.

Poster designed by me using PhotoShop.
"man wearing gas mask" picture taken from Senses Fail "Life is not a Waiting Room" album cover

Some color studies done in Photoshop.


Any 2-D digital art I’ve done.